Side Effects Of Lupus Erythematosus

A boil is an infection of a hair follicle (a tiny pit in the skin from which a hair grows) by certain bacteria, usually Staphylococcus. The follicle becomes inflamed and painful. White blood cells, bacteria, and dead skin cells form thick white or yellow pus within the inflamed area.A carbuncle is either an unusually large, […]

Fibroid Tumors (Myomas) and its Symptoms

Fibroid tumors of the uterus are tumors of muscle and connective tissues. They constitute the most common type of pelvic tumor, occurring in about 20 per cent of women of 35 years of age or older. They are characteristic of sexual maturity. The vast majority of them occur in middle life, commonly in the third, […]

Relacore: A Combination Therapy To Fight Anxiety And Weight Loss!

We all are very much worried about our increased cholesterol levels, increasing waist line, and our inability to carry off day to day activities without difficulty. If this is true, then we must contemplate seriously what can be done and how? Even though all the magazines and online sites are stuffed with different versions of […]

Endocarditis The Inflammation of The Heart Lining

Endocarditis, infective endocarditis, bacterial endocarditis What is this condition? Inflammation of the heart lining is an infection of the endocardium, heart valves, or a valve prosthesis, resulting from bacteria or fungi. The infection produces vegetative growths on the heart valves, the lining of a heart chamber, or the inside lining of a blood vessel that […]

What are its Symptoms?

If you are searching hard for an alternative to combustible smoking, vaporizer may suit you as an ideal partner. Even doctors who want their patients to quit smoking at times suggest vaporizers for quicker results. This is no doubt a revolutionary technique by which the ingredients from an herb are released into the air without […]

Fever and Ways of Treatment

The first thing for a parent to remember is that the degree of fever is no indication of the severity of an illness. Some minor illnesses, such as Roselle infantum, can be accompanied by a very high fever, whereas some very serious diseases, such as certain cases of diphtheria, may only have a low fever. […]

Headaches and Migraine

Next to pain, headache is probably the most common symptom to affect manĀ­kind. There is hardly a grown person who at one time or another has not experienced mild or severe headaches, for which most people take aspirin or a similar compound because it is often effective and does not require a doctors prescription. People […]